Chapter 857

Butler, PA

Fly-In Breakfasts

  Come and get it!!!

  The fly-ins at Chapter 857 can be a breakfast, a lunch or a hot snack on a cold day.  Our famous chefs have never disappointed their hungry following. Whether it's the drinks, the pancakes, the sausage, the scrambled eggs or burgers / hotdogs, if you leave with any room left, it was your choice.

  Chapter 857's tasty fly-in food typically means "all-you-can-eat." Future fly-ins will offer other goodies, as well as the more traditional sausage, eggs and pancakes.  Come try it. Drive or fly!

  Check the Events and Calendar links at left to find our next breakfast / lunch fly-in. Now, remember, the FAA will still expect you to be aware of weight and balance after your meal as you fly away from KBTP.


Food service will begin at 9 am. 

Young Eagle flights fly during our fly-in between 10 am and 1 pm.  Ground School sessions are held prior to the YE flights to instruct the youth on the basics of flight.



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