Chapter 857

Butler, PA

Fly-In Breakfasts


Come and get it!!!


The fly-ins at Chapter 857 can be a breakfast, a lunch or a hot snack on a cold day.


Our famous chefs have never disappointed their hungry following.  Whether it's the drinks, the pancakes, the sausage, the scrambled eggs or burgers / hotdogs, if you leave with any room left, it was your choice.


Chapter 857's tasty fly-in food typically means "all-you-can-eat."  Future fly-ins will offer other goodies, as well as the more traditional sausage, eggs and pancakes.  Come try it. Drive or fly!


Check "Upcoming Events" to find our next breakfast / lunch fly-in. Now, remember, the FAA will still expect you to be aware of weight and balance after your meal as you fly away from KBTP.


Breakfasts will be served beginning at 9 am. 

Young Eagle Flights will be available during the fly-in between 10 am and 1 pm.  



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